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We were Created to Create.

We are Blessed to Bless.

"In the beginning God created…” - Genesis 1:1


As a father delights in his children, God delights when we’re being creative. He loves to see us using the unique gifts and talents and skills He’s provided us with to create something new. At Mills Creative Minds we are humbled and honored to join Him in creating products through Him and for Him.


Seeds are amazing, you know? In each kernel exists the potential for phenomenal growth, yet no one ultimately knows which ones are going to sprout and grow and produce a hundredfold. Only God knows. What’s more, while we can provide the right conditions to optimize growth, we can’t actually cause seeds to grow. Only God can.

Ideas are like seeds. God places them into our minds and we in turn scatter them around the globe, placing them into the hands of companies and partners worldwide. Even then, we are limited. We can only do so much to ensure growth. A successful harvest ultimately lies in His hands alone. God is the one who prepares the soil ahead of time, and He is the one who controls the conditions, to allow an idea to transform from simple concept to ultimate creation.

Ideas Are Like Seeds

None of us know whether an idea will take root or not. Only He does. At Mills Creative Minds we place more value in simply being obedient to God’s leading in our lives than on struggling and straining to ensure success through our own efforts. We never know if an idea is going to become the next Snuggie or wind up as a New Coke. Despite our best efforts, none of us can predict these things. Yet we can trust God throughout the process — no matter what.


We need to remind ourselves of the truth: all results — every single ultimate success in our lives — rests in His hands and in His timing. So we don’t have to freak our or fight or be afraid of what the future holds, because we know who holds the future.


Success or failure. Joy or pain. It’s all in His loving, capable hands.


And we choose to trust Him at all times.

This is why we keep a collection of blue marbles around the office, usually having one sunk down deep in a pocket at all times. Why? Because it serves as a constant, tangible reminder that no matter what crazy twists or turns our world might take from moment to moment, it’s all held firmly in the center of His capable, loving hands. We don’t have to be afraid of the future. We believe God is good, all the time, and He controls it all.


We were all created to Create. And we are all blessed to Bless.

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